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The name ADIN & ROYALE, or delicate & royal in Hebrew and French, embodies the aesthetic of the collection. Each piece is distinctly modern, with inspiration rooted in the luxury golden objects of ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. It's a conversation piece and a timeless statement piece, that tends to evoke something different for everyone.

For the designer, Nurit, the collection was born of an organic and gradual evolution. A mix of living in New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv; growing up in different cultures and languages; exploring the antique jewelry of colorful markets from Jaffa, to Jerusalem's Old City, to Fes. And of course, a lifelong love of design.

It was while working at GQ Magazine in New York that Nurit started exploring metalwork, playing with different materials, textures and techniques. Designing jewelry was most natural and fitting: the creation of wearable beauty, that accompanies you and brings a touch of inspiration everywhere. After many hours spent exploring materials, sawing, cutting, hammering and shaping, the collection emerged. The lines of the pieces allow for a delicate interweaving of the design and your skin, with an effect that is structured and deliberate, while luminously feminine and powerful.

ADIN & ROYALE pieces are all handcrafted and dipped in 18 or 24 karat gold. Some can be made in pure 14 or 18 karat gold by private order, price upon request.

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